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Why George Russell is so hyped?

Why George Russell is so hyped?

If you’ve just started watching Formula 1, then you probably know George Russell. He scored 4 points this year so far and that too because 6 other cars retired due to Turn 1 Chaos in Hungarian GP.

But everyone loves him and support him and brand him as WDC material. New F1 fans must’ve been confused because of this.

To begin with, George Russell is a British Formula 1 driver who drives for Williams. He’s 2018 F2 Champion and is part of Mercedes Driver Academy.

Russell scored points in only two races in his whole career since he entered F1 in 2019. But that’s not because he’s not talented. That’s because of the car he was given.

Williams has been falling since 2017 and in 2019, it completely became a backmarker. The car wasn’t even able to finish in Top 15.

In 2020 when Sir Lewis Hamilton was tested positive for COVID, Russell replaced him for Sakhir GP and qualified P2 just behind his teammate Valtteri Bottas. If it wasn’t for that pitstop drama, Russell would’ve been at least on the podium.

But this year, It’s definitely improving. Russell went to Q2 in every race this season except Hungarian GP. And in British GP, he qualified P8.

There’s a lot of speculation that George will be going to Mercedes next year replacing Valtteri Bottas. Ultimately, If he’s given a car that is capable of winning races, then he’ll definitely win the championship.

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