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What is Formula E?

What is Formula E?

Formula E is an FIA-backed all-electric single-seater racing series. Teams of two cars race around city street circuits around the world, with some of the world’s best drivers.

Formula E received FIA World Championship status from 2020-21 season making it a top-tier motorsport series.

The world’s leading car manufacturers compete on a level playing field, powered by fully electric batteries and motors, ensuring close, unpredictable action and plenty of overtakes.

The Beginnings

The series is the idea of Spanish billionaire Alejandro Agag and FIA President Jean Todt. The two men created Formula E after identifying society’s need for cleaner air and lower carbon emissions.

They believed that a technological competition to develop electric car technology through highly competitive racing on track would generate genuine benefits in the change from internal combustion to electrification of the auto industry.

Teams and Weekend Structure

Formula E is made up of 12 teams, each of which has two drivers. A race weekend follows a set schedule that includes two practice sessions, a qualifying session (including a Super-Pole shootout for pole position), and a 45-minute race known as the E-Prix.

And all of this happens on the race day itself.

We occasionally see a double-header race, in which two E-Prix are held in a single weekend.

Cars and Technology

Formula E cars are propelled by an electric motor, and the current Gen 2 models have a power output of 250kW, resulting in top speeds of 280k/h.

With the majority of Formula E teams being vehicle manufacturers, the sport provides a platform for the advancement and testing of electric vehicle innovation, which may then be applied to road cars.


The car’s tyres are also revolutionary. Michelin offers all-weather grooved tyres with minimal rolling resistance for maximum efficiency. These tyres may be utilised in wet or dry conditions, eliminating the requirement for intermediates and wets like in other motorsports.

Each car receives only two sets of tyres every event, which saves a significant quantity of rubber over the course of a season while also significantly decreasing carbon dioxide emissions from the manufacture and delivery of multiple sets of less durable tyres.

This kind of thinking has helped Formula E position itself as a leader in the battle against the very real problem of climate change.

Some Unique Features

During a race, drivers can take advantage of two additional and unique Formula E features. The first, mandatory Attack Mode, allows drivers to earn an extra boost of power during the race, but only by taking a slower line on the track.

While this may appear to be a disadvantage at first, the boost can be critical in pulling off an essential overtake. The driver must evaluate the strategic payoffs of when to use their Attack Modes during the race.

The second intriguing aspect of Formula E is Fanboost, which allows drivers to receive more power through the backing of their fans.

Fans may vote for their favourite driver using Fanboost, and the five drivers with the most votes will receive this extra boost of power

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