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The Popular F1 2021 Game

The Popular F1 2021 Game

We’ve all heard about the release of the new F1 2021 game. You hear everyone talking about it, and it seems like an interesting game where you can test your Formula One skills…. Will you defeat Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen?

On July 16th, the game was released in all stores. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The standard version of the game costs £59.99, the deluxe version (which contains additional bonuses such as more equipment to race with and a more extensive ‘my team’ experience) £74.99.

Source: Traxion

A lot of Formula One fans have bought the game, and the reviews are mostly positive. You can drive the car of your favorite drivers and you can choose the team you want to drive with. And of course, you can drive on the Formula One tracks such as Monaco, Portimao and Bahrain. And there is a possibility to race with your friends!

There are different game modes. It’s your choice how long you want to race, if you want to play the Grand-Prix mode, or if you want to play the Braking Point feature. There is a game mode where you can make your own team, choose your driver, sponsor and team name. You can develop your own car too! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Source: Dexerto

I have played the game myself and I really enjoyed it. The first few times I tried the game, I had to get used to the game settings but the game is super fun. And I got to admit, it’s hard to keep up with all the other drivers and to drive the perfect lap. I would suggest buying a steering wheel for the optimal experience, but these can be quite expensive, so it isn’t necessary.

Are you ready to make your own team and be the next world champion?