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Piastri or Alonso?

Piastri or Alonso?

Lately, there has been lots of talk around Fernando Alonso's F1 seat, and whether he will stay with Alpine or if Oscar Piastri, Alpine's Reserve driver as well as reigning Formula 2 Champion will get a chance in the seat.

Since returning to F1 last year, Fernando Alonso has done a stellar job in the Alpine seat alongside Esteban Ocon, the pair brought the French team to finish 5th in the Constructors overall.

But, Alonso hasn't had the best start to the season this year, even though he has shown incredible pace during qualifying. With two DNF's to his name already this season and only 10 points, where as his teammate is sat in the top 10, with 30 points...

Esteban Ocon's future is already sorted, as he signed a long-term contract, but who will join him from 2023 onwards?

Alpine, have revealed that they expect to start talking about Alonso/ Piastri around the Silverstone GP, which is just over a month away. Now do you stick with experience or do you go for someone who is young, and hungry?

The team are keeping it quiet at the moment as they concentrate on the first part of the season, as well as letting Oscar fulfil his roles during a race weekend. If Oscar didn't get the seat, the team will be looking to get him into another teams seat on a loan, as Alpine don't want to loos the young Aussie.

Who do you think will get the Alpine seat?

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