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Nikita Mazepin gets the fastest lap at the Belgium Grand Prix

Nikita Mazepin gets the fastest lap at the Belgium Grand Prix

The rookie Formula 1 Haas driver, Nikita Mazepin, got his inaugural fastest lap for an F1 race during the Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday. He managed to do so under the two laps led by the safety car around the wet race track.

Image: Today in 24 English

The 2021 Belgian GP will go down in the history books for being the shortest Formula 1 race ever. The race was delayed for almost four hours by the FIA because of heavy rain. Many fans were suffering under the cold weather and rain while waiting for many hours in hopes for the race to finally begin.

In regards to the fans and to allow drivers in the top 10 to get to half points, the cars were led two laps around the track with the safety car.

During those two laps, Nikita Mazepin sneakingly snatched the DHL fastest lap award. The Russian driver clocked a 3.18.016.

This was noted by Haas who then Tweeted, “The streets will never forget,” announcing Nikita’s achievement.

Apart from that, Mazepin backed up the FIA’s decision to not race on that Sunday because of the rain.

“It could have gone many different ways,” he said.

“When there’s so much water on the track, the visibility — at least from where I was starting, it was very difficult to see.

“We weren’t going that fast behind the Safety Car, but you just weren’t sure where the car in front of you was, I just had to try and always keep my distance before the rain settled in the air.

“It wasn’t the best day for us, but I can imagine for the fans it was even more difficult. I could see that some of them didn’t even have umbrellas. With the amount of water falling today they must be soaking wet — but thanks to all who stayed.

“I had a race end prematurely in Hungary, our race today had a premature end, but at least we’re on a triple-header stint this time with Zandvoort and Monza coming our way. I’m hoping for good races.”