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Mercedes set to leave Formula E

Mercedes set to leave Formula E

Mercedes-EQ is believed to have made the decision to quit Formula E right after being crowned champions in the sport. The team was yet to commit to the new regulations.

With the Formula E season completed, teams need to start thinking about their futures in the sport. Mercedes had an outstanding performance in the previous season as they brought their driver, Nyck De Vries to the top of the world championship making him the first Dutch world champion.

Earlier on, Mercedes signed a delayed option to begin car development for the new Gen3 rules — which will be introduced for the 2022–23 season but it has still not officially committed to the regulations.

The team further issued a statement after prolonging its registration, outlining that it wanted “clarification” over “important details regarding the structure of the series”.

However, it is now expected that Mercedes will withdraw from Formula E, following a decision from the Daimler boardroom.

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff confirmed to select media, including Autosport, that “a decision has been taken” with regards to Gen3.

“We are in the sport not only because we guys like to compete and drive around in circles.

“But it is mainly a marketing and communications platform.

“And therefore, like everything we do, is under constant evaluation in terms of the benefits that any platform is able to generate for Mercedes-Benz.

“Apart from the let’s say marketing value that it generates, it is about technology transfer and these two need to go hand in hand: technology and marketing.

Wolff continued: “Whatever we are going to see in terms of decisions, it’s never like 100% that we want to be out of that because we don’t like it anymore.

“[Nor is it] 100%, we love it — that’s why we’re going to stay in forever.

“It’s much more nuanced.”

The Berlin E-Prix weekend also marks the last entries for Audi and BMW, with the rival German manufacturers announcing during pre-season testing that they too would quit Formula E.

Mercedes now joins Renault, Audi, and BMW in leaving the series.