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Mercedes considering engine penalty for Hamilton

Mercedes considering engine penalty for Hamilton

Mercedes has admitted that Championship Leader, Lewis Hamilton may take an engine penalty this weekend at the Turkish Grand Prix. This is so that the reigning champions can avoid reliability issues in the later races of this season.

Hamilton, is currently on his third engine this season which is the maximum amount permitted. But with seven races still left to go in the 2021 season there is a strong chance he is going to need a fourth, which will send him to the back of the grid.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes Boss told Sky Sports News that Mercedes are considering taking the hit. “It’s a possibility,” said the Mercedes boss, although he also cautioned: “When, and how, is not yet decided. Most important is that you don’t DNF because of a reliability issue,” admitted Wolff.

“You can cope with swings, whether you finish second, third, I think that is OK, the championship is going to go long. But if you don’t finish…

“So we are looking at the parameters of the engines, making sure we don’t suffer from any reliability problems.”

Red Bull took their new engine penalty for Verstappen at the Russian GP which saw him start in 20th and finish in 2nd just behind Hamilton, which now only leaves a 2 point gap between the pair.

The title fight will continue this weekend in Turkey, where it saw last year Hamilton take his 7th World Championship, equalling Michael Schumacher.