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Mazepin stays in F1 for another year

Mazepin stays in F1 for another year

Haas have just confirmed that they’re continuing the same line-up for 2022 Formula 1 Season.

In a Twitter Post, Haas have confirmed this and said, “We are delighted to confirm that Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin will continue as our driver line-up in 2022”

With new regulations and full focus on 2022 season, Haas is looking confident that they will be performing at their best next season. And with Mick Schumacher in the team, chances are looking pretty good for them.

But they’re the only team that hasn’t scored any points in this season. And Mazepin stated that they don’t even have a simulator.

So, Let’s see how 2022 looks for them. Will they become another Brawn GP? or stay at the back of the grid?

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