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George Russell to Mercedes Confirmed!

George Russell to Mercedes Confirmed!

It’s out! The announcement we’ve been waiting for has been announced. Mercedes AMG F1 has announced that Williams F1 Driver George Russell will be driving for them from 2022.

We all know that Valtteri Bottas has announced that he will be driving for Alfa Romeo from 2022. This means that there’s a free seat at Mercedes.

George Russell has been No.1 Favourite for Mercedes for a long time. When Hamilton tested positive for COVID-19 last year, Russell was the first person they contacted and he was more than happy to fill in for Hamilton.

Now that there’s an empty seat at Mercedes, Guess who they contacted. George Russell!

There has been a lot of speculation around paddock that George will be driving for Mercedes next year. But, Mercedes haven’t been announced it till now.

Now that George will be going to Mercedes, there will be an empty seat at Williams. Guess who’ll be driving for them next year 👀?