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Female drivers that could get a Formula 1 drive in the future

Female drivers that could get a Formula 1 drive in the future

Motorsport is the only sport where there are no gender limitations meaning both men and women can compete together. But in 70 years of Formula 1, only Five female drivers tried to enter a grand prix and only 2 successfully qualified.

But the times have changed. Women are getting into more and more fields and motorsport is not an exception.

Currently, there are a lot of great female drivers in junior categories. Drivers like Tatiana Calderón, Jamie Chadwick, Alice Powell and more.

Jamie Chadwick. Source: Twitter

Jamie Chadwick just won 2021 W-Series Championship yesterday in COTA and this just proves how talented she is. She won W-Series Championship three times in a row.

2020 Ferrari Drivers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel on Female drivers in Formula 1

W-Series is also helping in bringing these talented drivers to spotlight. Jamie Chadwick is currently Williams’ Development Driver and we could even see her start an F1 race in the near future.

Nikita Mazepin. Source: Twitter

HELL! Even Nikita Mazepin is racing in Formula 1, no offense to him but Formula 1 would be better off with talented female drivers like Jamie Chadwick or Tatiana Calderón.

Drivers like Sophia Floersch, Beitske Visser are also to look out for in the future. They’re not on the same level as Jamie or Alice but they have the talent to get into Formula 1

Sophia Floersch. Source: Twitter

In Conclusion, Formula 1 needs new blood and new talent. And these female driver’s debut will be an exciting moment in the motorsport world.

Did we miss any of your favourite and talented female drivers? Let us know your opinions in the comments.