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Does Formula 1 really need multiple races in the USA?

Does Formula 1 really need multiple races in the  USA?

Formula 1 is racing in the USA this week at the iconic Circuit of the Americas. But we all know that there’s gonna be another race in the USA next year.

Hard Rock Stadium, MIAMI

Liberty Media is hinting at even more races in the USA in near future. The question is, “Do we really need multiple races in the same country?”

Before getting to the conclusion, let’s see the possible venues for the races other than the obvious Austin and Miami. F1 could race in New York, or Las Vegas or even Indianapolis Speedway.

2005 US GP at Indianapolis Speedway

F1 raced or tried to race in those cities in the past. We all know 2005 US GP, don’t we? In between 1981-84, F1 raced in Las Vegas as Caesars Palace Grand Prix. And in 2013, F1 tried to race in New York’s Port Imperial circuit but it got cancelled due to a breach in contract.

Sebastian Vettel even did some laps around the Port Imperial circuit and told that it felt like Spa but with less trees and more homes.

But why does F1 want multiple races in the USA?

Formula 1 in the USA is an ignored sport. Not a lot of people watches the races live because of either not enough knowledge of the sport or timezones.

But it’s new owner Liberty Media, a US Company, wants to change it. There’s a lot of potential for the sport in the country if everything’s done right. That’s why they gave Netflix rights to film the documentary and since then, Viewership has started to increase in the USA.

Kimi Raikkonen wins 2018 US GP

US GP had attendance of 111,580 on race day in 2018 according to F1. But that number has increased to 268,000 in 2019.

UPDATE: US GP in 2021 has record-breaking attendance of 400,000.

But this whole masterplan to takeover American Motorsport only works when there’s atleast 1 American driver. And currently, F1’s only hope is Logan Sargeant.

And Williams did just that. They added Logan to their driver academy.

In my opinion, instead of adding multiple races in the same country, F1 should race in fan-favourite circuits like Buddh International Circuit (India) and Sepang (Malaysia).

What do you think? Comment down your opinions.