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Could Qatar Be Making An Appearance This Year in F1

Could Qatar Be Making An Appearance This Year in F1

With Covid-19 still lingering around it seemed inevitable that there would be race cancellations. Lo-and-behold many races have been cancelled most the most recent being Suzuka, and with F1 determined to have 23 races this year, Qatar could be a possible replacement for Suzuka

The latest circuit that has been thrown in the hat to replace Suzuka is The Losail International Circuit. The Losail International Circuit holds an FIA Grade 1 license, which means it’s eligible for hosting F1 races, but it has never been called upon so far.

MotoGP fans will definitely be familiar with Losail as it has held a steady place in its calendars for quite a while now. Not only does it host MotoGP and other motorcycle events but also some supercar race series as well.

Like Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, the circuit also has the infrastructure to host night races on top of the normal day races.


If the circuit makes it onto the calendar it is most likely to fill the ‘TBC’ slot on the F1 calendar for the 19th–21st November after the earlier cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix. With Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi being the following two races, it would make sense logistically and give all the teams fewer travel hours to complete

Brazil although being given the go ahead is hanging in the balance, and with the cancellation of Japan, the COTA double header in Austin, could be necessary. However, COVID cases in the area are experiencing a sharp rise and could jeopardize the races.

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