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Can Fernando Alonso win his third Formula 1 World Championship?

Can Fernando Alonso win his third Formula 1 World Championship?

Fernando Alonso is a two-time Formula 1 World Championship and is considered as one of the greatest Formula 1 driver by many. The Spaniard returned to Formula 1 after a two year long hiatus in which he won 24h Le Mans twice, FIA WEC Championship, and 24h Daytona. He obviously wants to win another Formula 1 Championship but, can he really?

Fernando Alonso wins 24hrs Le Mans

Alonso is already in his 40s which is not an ideal age to dream about winning a championship in modern Formula 1. But this season, he proved that there’s still that old Alonso in him with his outstanding performances and that podium in Qatar. And his defence against Hamilton in Hungary was masterclass.

But to win championships podiums are not enough. He has to win races. Consistently. And that Alpine he’s driving is no where near the top teams in terms of pace. But there’s still hope for him. Next year’s regulation changes might give Alpine upper hand in the championship.

He could win next year even if he doesn’t have the fastest car in the grid. He proved that in the past but unluck destroyed his chances.

Fernado trapped behind Vitaly Petrov

In 2010, he was so close to winning the championship but bad strategy call by Ferrari in Abu Dhabi ruined his chances which made Sebastian Vettel youngest Formula 1 World Championship. He was only 4 points behind Vettel after the final race.

Again in 2012, he was just 3 points behind Vettel in that year and that too in Ferrari which was a “shitbox” that year. That Ferrari was nowhere near the pace of Red Bull but Fernando still came so close.

Fernando in 2012 Ferrari

This just proves that Fernando can win his dream championship but he’ll need a lot of luck. And a car that is able to win races.

What do you think? Will Fernando win a Championship in his 40s?

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