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Breaking Down the Details of the old F1 Logo

Breaking Down the Details of the old F1 Logo

Have you ever wondered or even questioned the designer of the old F1 logo? (You know, people actually went and emailed the designer about it 😂) Well, today, we dig deep to break down the details and analysing the old F1 logo.

To start off with, we always thought that the left one is F and the red design on the right is 1,

Most people’s guess of the Formula 1 Old Logo

Well, if you are the one who thought of that, you are partially correct. The Black “F” is correct, but the Red “1”, is WRONG! If you see carefully, there is a “1”, between the Black F and the Red design. Spot it? Yes, it’s right here! (Now you know the title is not a clickbait, it’s actually real lmao)

Highlighted “1” in Old Formula 1 Logo

In addition, the red design, is actually speed marks. The black “F” symbolises determination and power. However, the red speed mark, symbolises energy, movement and passion. You’ve never thought of that, did you?

But since this is a logo that is good enough, why did they decide to change their logo to the current logo?

Current Formula 1 Logo

Sources revealed that they’ve received many feedbacks, about the old logo, and decided to elevate the sport by changing their logo and rebrand F1.

Have you learned something new? Let us know in the comment! (btw enjoy this weekend’s Mexican GP ;D) Thank you, for reading this article!

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