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Abu Dhabi GP crowns new F1 Champion

Abu Dhabi GP crowns new F1 Champion

The Title-Decider under the lights in Abu Dhabi at 5pm local time starts with Lewis Hamilton leading. Getting the dream start he wanted. Down into Turn 9 hairpin, Verstappen tries to fight Hamilton back for track positions, but leaves Hamilton no room, forcing him to run out of track. Hamilton ended up getting an advantage after returning back to the track. The Stewards then decided no investigation necessary, for Turn 9’s incident as Hamilton had slowed down and the Stewards decided that no advantage was gained by Hamilton.

On Lap 14, the Red Bull garage has prepared a set of C2 compound (Hard) tyres, waiting for Verstappen’s entry to the pit lane, which most of us believes that that will be his one and only stop for the race. Bono decided to bring Hamilton in as well for a C2 compound tyres as well.

Max Verstappen’s Pit Stop on Lap 14

On Lap 20, Red Bull’s second driver, Sergio Perez receives team order to hold up Lewis Hamilton and help Max Verstappen to close back the gap. Perez did a pretty good job to hold up Lewis until Verstappen catches up. Unfortunately, Verstappen’s pace was not as fast as Lewis’ Mercedes. But on Lap 21, Hamilton does get past Perez, regaining the lead of the race.

The battle between Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton

On the 29th Lap of the race, Kimi Raikkonen was forced to retire from the race due to brake issues, which lead to an early end on his final race in F1 after racing for 19 years. He entered 352 Grand Prix, with 21 race wins, and 18 pole positions. All to sum up giving him a total of 1873 Career Points. What a magnificent achievement from Kimi and it was a shame to see him leave. We wish him all the best in his future life. #KiitosKimi

On Lap 53, Nicholas Latifi crashed into the barriers and a Safety Car was brought out. Verstappen went into the Pit Stop, changing a set of Soft Compound Tyres, getting ready for the battle with Lewis Hamilton. It took the marshals a few laps time to clean up the car as well as the debris. Leaving only 1 racing lap. This is definitely a pulse raiser for every single audience that was watching the race.

Incident on Lap 53, Nicholas Latifi into the barriers

The stewards started to clear up the traffic in front of Max Verstappen to prevent any disruption between the battle of both title rivals. Closing into the end of the Safety Car lap, both Hamilton and Verstappen were getting ready for the title fight. Down into Turn 5 Verstappen successfully get past Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton continues to fight back, as both drivers have one hand on the Championship trophy. It could still be anyone’s game.

But in this condition. It was Max Verstappen who had the lead. It was Max Verstappen who had the fresher tyres. It was Max Verstappen who had the advantage. And thus, Max Verstappen has been crowned the 2021 F1 Champion in the title-decider race in Abu Dhabi.

It was a wonderful season with the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. With the unexpected podiums in the races and the drama and controversial discussions between F1 fans. The 2021 season definitely is an unforgettable season for us and all F1 fans. Well, it is time for the winter break after the exciting 2021 season. Until the next race on March 20th in Bahrain, see you!

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