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10 Interesting things about Daniel Ricciardo

10 Interesting things about Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo is an Australian Formula 1 Driver driving for McLaren. He is the most successful Australian Driver with 10 wins to his name. He has built a reputation for himself for being the most joyful and cheerful driver on the paddock. Here are a few interesting things about our favourite “honeybadger”.


He travels around the world with a GoPro, capturing every destination he visits. He was always carrying a camera as a kid, and he loved to photograph anything from the objects he blew up to stunts on his BMX bikes.


A British buddy gave him a patterned yellow Medipop facemask, which matches well with his printed party shirts. He once joked that the mask resembles erotic lingerie rather than a facemask.


He settled a £10 million legal dispute with his former adviser Glenn Beavis in October 2019. Ricciardo owed Beavis £10 million in commission after his move from Red Bull to Renault, according to Beavis.


He enjoys partying and has a large collection of bright and colourful Party shirts that he wears almost all of the time. He also likes plain black T-shirts, but he doesn’t wear them very often.


He keeps a personal journal with him at all times and has done so for the past 18 months (as of October 2020). He writes down anything that has to do with his racing or his thoughts on life.

“I don’t normally have a plan. I’ll just pick it up and write. It can be about my career, my racing, but it can also just be about just life thoughts. And, you know, sometimes you don’t always wanna open up” Daniel told GQ


He has a custom-made Beats Headphone with the number 3 printed on it, which matches his racing helmet. He puts it on just before racing to get away from the world and prepare for his race.


He is a big fan of Baie 19 Le Labo perfume and carries it around all the time.


He considers the neck muscles to be one of the most crucial parts of a racer’s body because they undergo extreme G-forces during competition. As a result, he travels with a travel pillow to preserve his neck muscles while staying in hotels around the world.


He began racing when he was nine years old as a member of the Tiger Kart Club in Perth, Western Australia.

With a scholarship from Eurasia Motorsport, he entered the Formula BMW Asian Championship in 2006. He finished third in the Driver’s Championship with 231 points in his rookie season, which included two victories and one pole position.


He was disgusted by Formula One executives’ overuse of F1 crashes on television and in different promotional videos running up to the event. One such incident was Romain Grosjean’s crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2020, in which the car collided with a metal barrier, split in half, and exploded in flames. The driver was able to get away with burns on his hands.

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